tengok tuuuu :P


happy birthday october :)

Nur adni 2nd october
Nazreen tahir2nd october
Aslina2nd october
Azraei2nd october
Hamzah ian 3rd october
Kak ekin 3rd october
Syiro 3rd october
Rifqi 4th october
Mira othman 4th october
Fadhli hafiq 4th october
Faiqah 4th october
Farhan 4th october
Feefa 4th october
Faiz gani 4th october
Kak pika 11th october
Kak farah 11th october
Kak syera 11th october
Chee da 11th october
Arif alwi 13th october
Acap 14th october
Adik 16th october
Wan gani 19th october
Jarred 20th october
Kak zeira 20th october
Mardiah 21st october
Piko 23rd october
Anfal 25th october
Leon 25th october
Jessica 28th october
Aliah zai 29th october
Kak zalyna 29th october
Belicia 30th october
Eira 30th october

So happy birthday to you. Have lots of birthday fun! May your birthday wishes all come true, Even if you have a ton :)

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