tengok tuuuu :P


expressions of the heart

-09th July 2011,Saturday.To my you,Friend

I don't understand with your behaviour right now.You're totally different now,I hope you read this my dear Friend.Express when it is a pain.You can talk,shout or maybe whisper to my ears.What's the point when friends do not help each other,I am always with you.Cammon,I had known you for over a year,you can not hide your problems, because I too know you and I know you better.Final word,I hope our friendship relationship will be lovely as before

-09th July 2011,Saturday.To you AA  

last night I could not sleep.I feel very sad the whole day with my exam results.I'm waiting for a call or maybe a text from you.But most that I have received is not from you.I feel very disappointed because you promised that you will call me last night so I fell asleep I'm not mad at you I know you are tired, sorry if I am often forced you.Lastly,deeply from my heart I you :(

-09th July 2011,Saturday.To you mom & dad

I know you are very disappointed with my exam results.I did not mean to make you sad.I request for a thousand apologies to you mom & dad.I promise to do the best in my trial also SPM.mum&dad♥ 


  1. comel seh! hehehe...to Ku xde?

  2. very thoughtful =)
    kinda cute really..

  3. ku : hahaha lain kali lah ye :D

  4. aryl : thank you so much :)

  5. D, yg for friends tu kan,,
    mimie pon rasa benda yg sma hope that cheerful girl will story to us what the matter of problems,, sabor je lahh makk nie

  6. Met i hope so :( InsyaAllah.