tengok tuuuu :P


Last night


Hai dayah.Whats wrong last night? What the happenened Lollllzzz? As usual..we.. eh wait-wait what are you saying.."as usual'' not really right.Okay-okay let me telling you the truth,last night me and AA was on the phone and i was really hoping something good wIll happened but naaaaaaah the same things happened.Sad and forever sad.Today you already going back to kptm and for sure we cannot contact everyday right right.Hoi dayah! Whats wrong with you,stop waiting for him? Oh eh,can't you get it?Im still in love with him. Tell me? till when? hmmm I don't know? Always maybe. Nah it's okay im alright and I will always love him forever can? AA,do take care there.Me love you. *Always*

Wasaalam .I will always pray the best for us,May the rainbow will come soon , InsyaALLAH (:

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